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SharpHR Career Corner - Women's Support Group

As a woman, do you fall into any of these scenarios?

1. You feel stuck in your current job?

2. You have been passively searching for new job opportunities without success.

3. You have been actively trying to find new job opportunities without success.

4. You are extremely stressed in your current position but don't see a way out.

5. You have had multiple interviews without any offers.

6. Your family and friends don't really have much empathy for you as you are searching for new job opportunities.

7. You are not techy and it appears finding a new job opportunity is all online.

8. It would be nice to have conversations with other like-minded women who are struggling to find new opportunities.

If you can relate, join us for our 1st SharpHR Career Corner - Women's Support Group on Monday, January 23rd at noon.

This group will be supporting women of all ages who are thinking about, actively searching for, and/or interested in making a change to either their current job or their career.

You may have just started the job search process, have been doing it a while or could just use the support of other like-minded women.

Simply message me and I will add you to the invite list. It is always hard to take the first step but I know you will be so happy that you did. This will be a safe, confidential place where you can share your story, listen to others experiencing similar challenges, and gain support during your journey.

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