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Available Services

Transition into a New Career

This program takes a deeper dive into different career path options through the use of skills and interest assessments.  You begin to get clarity using our method of research.  Once you have discovered the new career path you then work on your transferable skills and redirection of your resume.  LinkedIn becomes a pivotal component of your rebranding exercise. You will learn how to retell your story to fit your new direction as well as how to incorporate that into interviewing.

Recent Grads

Have you graduated in the last few years but haven't quite found your footing yet in a career?

This program will reassess your interests and background to help you realign with the career you want to pursue. 

We will work on improving your resume, teaching you about LinkedIn and a powerful profile,  assist you with informational interviews, guide you in today's world of interviewing and work with you on targeting appropriate opportunities.

Target New Opportunities


If you enjoy your work but need a change of scenery this program is for you.

It will cover all your needs from updating resume, strengthening your LinkedIn presence, to sharpening your interview skills, and learning how to strategize when targeting new opportunities.

College Students

We have two programs for college students depending on what year you are in.

For seniors we will prep you for entering the workforce as a professional.  That includes resume update, LinkedIn profile, interviewing skills, networking, and targeting positions.

If you are a Sophomore/Junior in College the focus is on figuring out if you are on the right career path, learn the steps you can take now to build that strong resume, create your story, get acquainted with LinkedIn, learn how to conduct Informational interviews, sharpen your skills with the STAR method of interviewing and how to use internships to help you find clarity in your career path.

Re-Entry Into Workforce


Have you been out of the workforce for some time and now you are ready to come back but you aren't sure what to do?  

This program will assist you with reevaluating your skills and interests.  Together we will discover what your career path to success looks like!

Then your resume will be rebranded, LinkedIn profile will be strengthened, interview skills will be sharpened, and you will be more focused on targeting opportunities.

High School Career Exploration

If you have a high school student that has no idea what their interests or skills might be, and they don't know what direction they should take after they graduate then this program will help them.

This program helps the student discover possible career path options. They will learn how to conduct in-depth research on careers. 

They will uncover internships/volunteer experiences that align with interested careers. They will gain knowledge on building a competitive resume. 

Additional Services

Resume Audit

Would you like some pointers on your resume?


Would you like to learn how to create an impactful resume?


Spend an hour of your time discussing your resume wtih Karen Sharp-Price, Professional Career Coach.

You will learn the aspects of formatting, what headers are the most valuable, how to tackle an applicant tracking system, what part of the resume is the most important.

This 60 minute session is packed full of useful tips and suggestions on how to create a strong representation of your career experience using your resume.

Your Investment

LinkedIn Audit

Do you need a LinkedIn profile but haven't taken the time to create one?


Do you have a profile that you created but haven't touched since?


Do you need assistance on how to use LinkedIn to network and find opportunities?


This audit will walk you through the steps of a strong LinkedIn profile so you know what areas are the most critical.  It will  explain how to create engaging posts and talk about strategies of connecting.

This 60-90 minute session covers all the important areas of your profile and how to strengthen each area.  You will be given a list of things that you can do after the session to get your profile up to the All-Star status. 

Your Investment


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