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Career Seeker

Have you tried finding a new opportunity or thought about a new career path but haven't had the results you wanted? 

Maybe you have been in your job for years and have no idea how to navigate the new job search landscape?

College students or recent grads, are you looking to find a career that excites you or that first position to start you on your career journey but you aren't finding it is as easy as you imagined?

SharpHR Career Coaching takes you through the process one step at a time. 

We guide you, support you through challenging decisions, provide you with resources and connect you with professionals to talk to about career paths. 

Have You?

  • Put your career on hold to raise a family but are thinking of going back to work? Not sure how or where to start?

  • Been thinking lately you might want to start a new career

  • Been less excited lately about going to work than you used to be and might want something more challenging?

  • Recently been laid off and wonder if you should think about changing directions?

  • Recently graduated from college but have no idea what to do next?

  • Lost in college trying to find a career path without success and don't know where to start?

  • Found yourself unhappy with your job but don't know what steps to take to possibly find another avenue?

SharpHR Career Coaching can help you!

Graduation Ceremony
College Friends
Young Businesswomen

Do you?

  • Need a nudge in the right direction, who will be patient but persistent?

  • Need someone to talk through ideas and help develop strategies on how to reach new goals?

  • Could use an objective, second opinion about where you are and what to do next?

  • Want to create a strong LinkedIn profile and learn how to use it?

  • Wish you knew how to be strategic when networking?

  • Need someone to show you the path that works?

  • Need updated resume?

  • Need interviewing strategies?

  • Need an accountability mentor?

  • Need a career coach?

SharpHR Career Coaching can help you!

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