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Can anyone relate?

You have had a solid career, made many advances, been respected by peers, helped many people that you have came in contact with throughout your career.

Then something happens: company has a few bad years, or company is bought out, maybe new management comes in or any other scenario that fits.

All of a sudden, you aren't valued the way you have been, you are not respected any longer, you may be looked down upon, or new management has decided they want a fresh look within your department. You find yourself out of work for any number of reasons.

That story has played out several times with people that I have had conversations with over the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, it can play havoc with one's mental state. One minute they are feeling good and viewed as a contributing part of the organization and the next minute they are out of a job.

Where do you go from here?

Thoughts from a career coach.

✔ Take some time away from the situation to get a clearer perspective

✔ If there are things that you can learn from the situation take those into account

✔ If there was nothing you could have done to change the outcome you have to acknowledge that and come to accept it

✔ Surround yourself with supportive individuals

✔ Update your resume

✔ Freshen up your LinkedIn profile

✔ Start to engage with people that knew you during a time that you were valued and let them know you are looking

✔ Join and attend association meetings

✔ Create your new story, practice it, repeat it until you start to believe it yourself then you are ready to interact and share it with others

✔ Give yourself a break - there is a better opportunity around the corner

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