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What's in a Smile?

What's in a smile?

It is said that a smile can reduce high blood pressure, increase endurance, strengthen immune system.

A smile can lift someone else's spirits!

A smile can project a feeling of happiness!

A smile can help you feel better!

A smile can be contagious!

A smile can actually increase your self esteem and help you feel more self confident!

I often remind my clients during the interview preparation session that when you are having a phone interview to remember to smile. The smile is then reflected in your tone and you come across more cheerful, positive, and happy.

SHARP POINTS: When having a phone interview put a mirror in front of you. Not to make sure that you look presentable for the phone interview but so that it can remind you to smile during the interview. Often times we get nervous and don't even think to smile as we are talking. There is a lot of power in a smile!

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