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Fall is in the Air!

Fall is here! Cool nights, crisp morning air! I think people either love it or hate it, not a lot of middle ground. For us Easterners, the beauty of the changing colors on the leaves can be magnificent. It happens every year but I haven't gotten tired of the change that takes place right before my eyes.

It reminds me of clients that I work with. Initially when they come to me they may lack the self-confidence, they may have been beaten down by the job search process. But during the time I work with them, a change occurs. Sometimes faster with some than others. Momentum starts, excitement begins, opportunities present themselves. I never get tired of seeing or hearing from my clients that optimistic attitude, that excitement in their voice, the "I can" attitude. It is a beautiful thing, just like the changing of colors on the leaves of the trees in Fall.

Happy Fall everyone!

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