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Covid really threw us a curveball!

Many people weren't happy with their current work situation but when Covid hit and many got to work from home it was a reprieve from the situation.

They had been thinking about making a change in their job or even finding a new career but there was so much uncertainty for the last couple of years that they thought it was safer to ride it out.

But the dust has settled! Many are finding themselves back in the office, back to the situation they left. It might be the supervisor that they are having issues with, or co-workers or simply the work itself isn't interesting any longer.

If you can relate to this, I am speaking to you. I know that first step to reach out can be the hardest. But do it for your well-being. It is just a conversation to start! No pressure! If you think it is a good fit then proceed, if not try someone else until it feels right.

I guarantee you that once you take that first step to talk to someone you will wish you had done it a long time ago. You deserve to be happy in your job. Sundays shouldn't be a day of feeling sick, upset, or trying to prepare yourself for what you will have to deal with on Monday in the office.

There is something better for you. I have seen it over an over again. Take the chance on you!

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